Characterization of the newly isolated antimicrobial strain Streptomyces goshikiensis YCXU release_zeuem6ub6bhbplrkllsxlyzdbq

by Muhammad Faheem, Waseem Raza, Zhao Jun, Sadaf Shabbir, Nasrin Sultana


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Streptomyces cheonanensis sp. nov., a novel streptomycete with antifungal activity
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Neutrotolerant acidophilic Streptomyces species isolated from acidic soils in China: Streptomyces guanduensis sp. nov., Streptomyces paucisporeus sp. nov., Streptomyces rubidus sp. nov. and Streptomyces yanglinensis sp. nov.
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Isolation, Characterization of melanin producing organism and extraction of melanin
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Morphological and physiological differentiation in Streptomyces
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Methods for characterization of Streptomyces species
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Volatile and non-volatile antifungal compounds produced by Trichoderma harzianum SQR-T037 suppressed the growth of Fusarium oxysporum f
W Raza , M Faheem , S Yousaf , F Rajer , M Yamin

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Evaluation of the biocontrol potential of Streptomyces goshikiensis YCXU against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. niveum
Muhammad Faheem, Waseem Raza, Wei Zhong, Zhang Nan, Qirong Shen, Yangchun Xu
2015   Biological control (Print)