Periodontal microbiota of Sardinian children: comparing 200-year-old samples to present-day ones release_yzy7hggrkjda7aowfdy7t7py4a

by Germano Orrù, Maria Contu, Eleonora Casula, Cristina Demontis, Cornelio Blus, Serge Szmukler-Moncler, Gabriele Serreli, Carla Maserati, Giorgio Steri, Vassilios Fanos, Ferdinando Coghe, Gloria Denotti

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release_type article-journal
release_year 2017
title Periodontal microbiota of Sardinian children: comparing 200-year-old samples to present-day ones
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container_name Journal of Pediatric and Neonatal Individualized Medicine
doi 10.7363/060123
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