Beyond binary retention in HIV care: Predictors of the dynamic processes of patient engagement, disengagement, and re-entry into care in a US clinical cohort release_ywxtxslhtne2zg3ts4a26q4ryy

by M.J. Mugavero, S.R. Cole, H. Lee, B.L. Genberg, J.W. Hogan, B. Lau, X.K. Wu

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A Machine Learning System for Retaining Patients in HIV Care [article]
Avishek Kumar, Arthi Ramachandran, Adolfo De Unanue, Christina Sung, Joe Walsh, John Schneider, Jessica Ridgway, Stephanie Masiello Schuette (+ more)
2020    pre-print
version:v1  arXiv:2006.04944v1 [PDF]

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Exploring Relative Preferences for HIV Service Features Using Discrete Choice Experiments: a Synthetic Review
I Eshun-Wilson, H-Y Kim, S Schwartz, M Conte, D V Glidden, E H Geng
2020   Current HIV/AIDS Reports
doi:10.1007/s11904-020-00520-3  pmcid:PMC7497362  pmid:32860150 [PDF]