Influence of Ambient Temperature on TVOC Released from Polyurethane Athletics Track release_xoizdl4afndm3cq6asdrszuori

by Gan Liu, Weitao Zheng, Hong Wang


The athletics track consists of multiple organic hydrocarbons and their derivatives, which are easy to release TVOC under specific conditions such as high temperature. Taking polyurethane athletics track as the research object, the TVOC release of an athletics track is carried out in a 0.1 m3 environmental chamber, and TVOC mass concentration detection is performed using a TVOC gas detector. The results show that the increase in ambient temperature will promote the release of VOCs from a PU athletics track, and the increase rate and decline rate of TVOC mass concentration will increase with the increase in ambient temperature. The increase in ambient temperature will result in a significant shortening of the rapid release of VOCs released from a PU athletics track and a prolonged slow-release period. The ambient temperature rises, the maximum and 24 h value of TVOC mass concentration of the PU athletics track are steadily increasing, and this trend is more significant in the high-temperature section. The research conclusions can provide a basis for the improvement of athletics tracks.
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