Chemical Composition of Magnesium Phosphates Prepared by a Wet Chemical Method Using the Mg (NO<SUB>3</SUB>) <SUB>2</SUB>-KOH-H<SUB>3</SUB>PO<SUB>4</SUB>-H<SUB>2</SUB>O System
Mg (NO<SUB>3</SUB>) <SUB>2</SUB>-KOH-H<SUB>3</SUB>PO<SUB>4</SUB>-H<SUB>2</SUB>O系の液相法でえたリン酸マグネシウムの組成 release_xhgg44rhdjcehfjegbvpta2tjy

by Kazuaki HASHIMOTO, Yoshitomo TODA, Naomichi MITSUYAMA, Yasuhiro IMAMURA, Shigekazu UDAGAWA, Koshiro HASHIMOTO


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