In-Situ SEM Observation on Fracture Behavior of Titanium Alloys with Different Slow-Diffusing β Stabilizing Elements release_w5md2cel4jhwdf5cnbniubcq7m

by Wenjing Zhang, Haofeng Xie, Songxiao Hui, Wenjun Ye, Yang Yu, Xiaoyun Song, Lijun Peng, Guojie Huang, Zhen Yang

Published in Materials by MDPI AG.

2020   Volume 13, Issue 8, p1848


The fracture-behaviors of two Ti-Al-Sn-Zr-Mo-Nb-W-Si alloys with different slow-diffusing β stabilizing elements (Mo, W) were investigated through in-situ tensile testing at 650 °C via scanning electron microscopy. These alloys have two phases: the α phase with hcp-structure (a = 0.295 nm, c = 0.468 nm) and the β phase with bcc-structure (a = 0.332 nm). Three-dimensional atom probe (3DAP) results show that Mo and W mainly dissolve in the β phase, and they tend to cluster near the α/β phase boundary. Adding more slow-diffusing β stabilizing elements can improve the ultimate tensile strength and elongation of the alloy at 650 °C. During tensile deformation at 650 °C, microvoids mainly initiate at α/β interfaces. With increases in the contents of Mo and W, the β phase content increases and the average phase size decreases, which together have excellent accommodative deformation capability and will inhibit the microvoids' nucleation along the interface. In addition, the segregation of Mo and W near the α/β interface can reduce the diffusion coefficient of the interface and inhibit the growth of microvoids along the interface, which are both helpful to improve the ultimate tensile strength and plasticity.
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