Leveraging Modularity During Replication of High-Fidelity Models: Lessons from Replicating an Agent-Based Model for HIV Prevention release_vyfoxo2ojrflrjwuj373w56rw4

by Wouter Vermeer, Arthur Hjorth, Samuel M. Jenness, C Hendrick Brown, Uri Wilensky


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Verification & validation by docking: a case study of agent-based models of Anopheles gambiae
S. M. Niaz Arifin, Gregory J. Davis, Ying Zhou
2010   Summer Simulation Multiconference

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Society for Computer Simulation International

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Adaptive Agents, Political Institutions and Civic Traditions in Modern Italy
Ravi Bhavnani
2003   Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

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A Call to Arms: Standards for Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation
Andrew Collins, Mikel Petty, Daniele Vernon-Bido, Solomon Sherfey
2015   Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Heterogeneity of HIV prevalence among the sexual networks of black and white men who have sex with men in Atlanta: Illuminating a mechanism for increased HIV risk for young black men who have sex with men. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, ( ), -

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Hjorth, A., Vermeer, W. & Wilensky, U. ( ). The NetLogo HIV spread model exploring impact of PrEP indication guidelines. (Version . . ). CoMSES Computational Model Library. Retrieved from: https://www.comses. net/codebases/d3d45a7e-24a4-42e9-a44b

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Hughes, J. P., Lingappa, J. R., Celum, C., Baeten, J. M., Wald, A., Farquhar, C., Kilembe, W., Magaret, A., de Bruyn, G., Kiarie, J., Inambao, M., Celum, C. & Partners in Prevention HSV/HIV Transmission Study Team ( ). De- terminants of per-coital-act HIV-infectivity among african HIV--Serodiscordant couples. The Journal of In- fectious Diseases, ( ), -

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Understanding Artificial Anasazi
Marco A. Janssen
2009   Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation

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EpiModel: An R Package for Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Disease over Networks
Samuel M. Jenness, Steven M. Goodreau, Martina Morris
2018   Journal of Statistical Software
doi:10.18637/jss.v084.i08  pmcid:PMC5931789  pmid:29731699 
web.archive.org [PDF]
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