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by E Klimyuk

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The paper discusses the importance of image in business communication. Due to the positive representation of the chief, employees learn the rules of the organization and social norms, traditions and values. The author draws the attention to the importance of the traditions and values formation. Keywords: Image, business communication, the appearance of the chief In recent years the importance of image in business communication as a whole is enhanced. The concept of image is discussed very widely. The notion "image" implies the image of the head of a company, the image of an organization, a company, a product image, an image of a politician etc. The development of the science about the image began with the emergence of so-called marketing thinking. It is essential for a chief to create a positive view of himself at work specially for the people around him. There are many various reasons that underly this concept. Very often they reflect the family values about the formation of the image of an employee. The main problem the chief faces is the problem of building relationships with the subordinate staff and senior management. These relationships should be built so as to promote the establishment of effective work of the staff, the achievement of the goals of the organization as a whole. The supervisor should be an example, a model of behavior, relations activities for their wards. Due to the positive representation of the head, employees learn the rules of the organization and social norms, traditions and values. (Шепель, 2012) Another most important fact is that the image has the ability to continue to work on the chief even in his absence. If workers are treated with respect, namely the right image shall entail respect for superiors. Therefore, when there is no leader at the workplace, the subordinates continue to respect and appreciate their leader that prevents them from cheating or careless performance of their tasks. The leader who is taken example by his employees is considered to be the most appropriate leader. First, every year there appear more and more businesses that require more managers, leaders who are able to make educated, rational decisions that are able to work with lots of people. Therefore, the manager must have a high level of professionalism and be competent .(Перелыгина, 2002) Chief is a person who manages a team or organization and controls, regulates the activity of the team, and the key issue is who bears the legal responsibility for the operation of team activity. Psychologists believe that the image of the chief is also very important, he also affects the processes of perception. Appearance plays a huge role for the chief, in most cases, the success of the meeting depends on the impression made on his business partner. Each person has their own requirements for the appearance and therefore you should not try to please everyone, just choose your style, your image and demeanor. Secondly, the formation of the image can not change personality. Formation of image can not be done from one person to another. So the head should know the basics of psychology, so that he could assess the psychological characteristics of himself and competently use his strengths and weaknesses.
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