LitR directly upregulates autoinducer synthesis and luminescence in Aliivibrio logei release_vchvc367hzhvljauagufochtbe

by Sergey Bazhenov, Olga Melkina, Vadim Fomin, Ekaterina Scheglova, Pavel Krasnik, Svetlana Khrulnova, Gennadii Zavilgelsky, Ilya Manukhov

Published in PeerJ by PeerJ.

2021   Volume 9, e12030


LitR is a master-regulator of transcription in the <jats:italic>ainS/R</jats:italic> and <jats:italic>luxS/PQ</jats:italic> quorum sensing (QS) systems of bacteria from <jats:italic>Vibrio</jats:italic> and <jats:italic>Aliivibrio</jats:italic> genera. Here, we for the first time directly investigated the influence of LitR on gene expression in the <jats:italic>luxI/R</jats:italic> QS system of psychrophilic bacteria <jats:italic>Aliivibrio logei</jats:italic>. Investigated promoters were fused with <jats:italic>Photorhabdus luminescens luxCDABE</jats:italic> reporter genes cassette in a heterological system of <jats:italic>Escherichia coli</jats:italic> cells, <jats:italic>litR A. logei</jats:italic> was introduced into the cells under control of P<jats:italic><jats:sub>lac</jats:sub></jats:italic> promoter. LitR has been shown to upregulate genes of autoinducer synthase (<jats:italic>luxI</jats:italic>), luciferase and reductase (<jats:italic>luxCDABE</jats:italic>), and this effect doesn't depend on presence of <jats:italic>luxR</jats:italic> gene. To a much lesser degree, LitR induces <jats:italic>luxR1</jats:italic>, but not the <jats:italic>luxR2 — </jats:italic>the main <jats:italic>luxI/R</jats:italic> regulator. Enhanced <jats:italic>litR</jats:italic> expression leads to an increase in a LuxI-autoinducer synthesis and a subsequent LuxR-mediated activation of the <jats:italic>luxI/R</jats:italic> QS system. Effect of LitR on <jats:italic>luxI</jats:italic> transcription depends on <jats:italic>lux</jats:italic>-box sequence in <jats:italic>luxI</jats:italic> promoter even in absence of <jats:italic>luxR</jats:italic> (<jats:italic>lux</jats:italic>-box is binding site of LuxR). The last finding indicates a direct interaction of LitR with the promoter in the <jats:italic>lux</jats:italic>-box region. Investigation of the effect of LitR <jats:italic>A. logei</jats:italic> on <jats:italic>luxI/R</jats:italic> QS systems of mesophilic <jats:italic>Aliivibrio fischeri</jats:italic> and psychrophilic <jats:italic>Aliivibrio salmonicida</jats:italic> showed direct <jats:italic>luxR</jats:italic>-independent upregulation of <jats:italic>luxI</jats:italic> and <jats:italic>luxCDABE</jats:italic> genes. To a lesser degree, it induces <jats:italic>luxR A. fischeri</jats:italic> and <jats:italic>luxR1 A. salmonicida</jats:italic>. Therefore, we assume that the main role of LitR in cross-interaction of these three QS systems is stimulating the expression of <jats:italic>luxI</jats:italic>.
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Date   2021-09-21
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