Cluster validation indices for fMRI data: Fuzzy C-Means with feature partitions versus cluster merging strategies release_v4evgc3csnhetkaoov36ugappm

by M.D. Alexiuk, N.J. Pizzi


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Robust centroid determination of noisy data using FCM and domain specific partitioning
M.D. Alexiuk, N.J. Pizzi
22nd International Conference of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society, NAFIPS 2003  unpublished
doi:10.1109/nafips.2003.1226788 [PDF]

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M. Alexiuk, N.J. Pizzi, "Fuzzy C-Means with Feature Partitions: A Spatio-temporal Approach to Clustering fMRI data," Pattern Recognition Letters, unpublished.

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Scopira - a system for the analysis of biomedical data
A.B. Demko, N.J. Pizzi, R.L. Somorjai
IEEE CCECE2002. Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.02CH37373)  unpublished
doi:10.1109/ccece.2002.1013099 [PDF]

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A Fast and High Quality Multilevel Scheme for Partitioning Irregular Graphs
George Karypis, Vipin Kumar
1998   SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
doi:10.1137/s1064827595287997 [PDF]

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R. Kurlan, "Tourette's syndrome: Current Concepts," Neurology, 39:1625, 1989.

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N.J. Pizzi, R. Vivanco, and R.L. Somorjai, "EvIdent: A Java-based fMRI data analysis application," Proc. SPIE 3808 761-770 (1999).