Association of Smoking Behavior with an Odorant Receptor Allele Telomeric to the Human Major Histocompatibility Complex release_uur5s3j7yrfkjdnvxa32msutui

by Pablo Sandro Carvalho Santos, George Füst, Zoltán Prohászka, Armin Volz, Roger Horton, Marcos Miretti, Chack-Yung Yu, Stephan Beck, Barbara Uchanska-Ziegler, Andreas Ziegler


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Characterization of Clustered MHC-Linked Olfactory Receptor Genes in Human and Mouse
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Genetics of multiple sclerosis
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Genetics of Multiple Sclerosis
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Structural Basis for a Broad But Selective Ligand Spectrum of a Mouse Olfactory Receptor: Mapping the Odorant-Binding Site
S. Katada
2005   Journal of Neuroscience
doi:10.1523/jneurosci.4723-04.2005  pmid:15716417 [PDF]

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A High-Resolution Linkage-Disequilibrium Map of the Human Major Histocompatibility Complex and First Generation of Tag Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms
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2005   American Journal of Human Genetics
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A new model for an etiology of rheumatoid arthritis: Smoking may trigger HLA–DR (shared epitope)–restricted immune reactions to autoantigens modified by citrullination
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doi:10.1002/art.21575  pmid:16385494 

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Smoking is a risk factor for anti-CCP antibodies only in rheumatoid arthritis patients who carry HLA-DRB1 shared epitope alleles
S P Linn-Rasker
2006   Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases
doi:10.1136/ard.2005.041079  pmcid:PMC1798061  pmid:16014670 [PDF]

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Patterns of global tobacco use in young people and implications for future chronic disease burden in adults
CW Warren, NR Jones, MP Eriksen, S Asma
2006   The Lancet
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The Haplotype Structure of the Human Major Histocompatibility Complex
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B M Herrera, M Z Cader, D A Dyment, J T Bell, S V Ramagopalan, M R Lincoln, S Orton, M J Chao (+ more)
2006   Genes and Immunity
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Why do young women smoke? II. Role of traumatic life experience, psychological characteristics and serotonergic genes
E Lerer, K Kanyas, O Karni, R P Ebstein, B Lerer
2006   Molecular Psychiatry
doi:10.1038/  pmid:16770336 [PDF]

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Rheumatoid arthritis etiology and HLA-linked odorant receptor gene polymorphisms: Comment on the article by Klareskog et al
Andreas Ziegler, Barbara Uchańska-Ziegler
2006   Arthritis & Rheumatism
doi:10.1002/art.21971  pmid:16871554 

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A high-resolution HLA and SNP haplotype map for disease association studies in the extended human MHC
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2006   Nature Genetics
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The Molecular Basis for Ligand Specificity in a Mouse Olfactory Receptor
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2006   Journal of Biological Chemistry
doi:10.1074/jbc.m609355200  pmid:17114180 [PDF]

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Smoking is a risk factor for multiple sclerosis: a metanalysis
C.H. Hawkes
2007   Multiple Sclerosis
doi:10.1177/1352458506073501  pmid:17548439 
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