Reversibly Structural Transformation between a Molecular Solomon Link and an Unusual Unsymmetrical Trefoil Knot release_ufo7glkbarfnzletjrqjn3qk74

by Hai-Ning Zhang, Wen-Xi Gao, Yue-Jian Lin, Guo-Xin Jin


A template-free Cp*Ir-based molecular Solomon link and an unusual trefoil knot induced by stacking interactions were realized via selection of the nonrigid dipyridyl ligand 4,4'-bis(pyridin-4-ylmethyl)-1,1'-biphenyl (BpmBp). In addition, a novel heterobimetallic tetranuclear (IrIII2 + AgI2) complex featuring argentophilic interaction was synthesized in high yield. Remarkably, the reversible topological transformation between the Solomon link and an unusual trefoil knot can be achieved by utilizing the chemical reactivity of silver(I) ions under mild conditions, as demonstrated by a detailed X-ray crystallographic study.
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Published in Journal of the American Chemical Society by American Chemical Society (ACS)
ISSN-L 0002-7863
Volume 141
Issue 40
Page(s) 16057-16063
Release Date 2019-09-11
Container Type journal
Publisher American Chemical Society (ACS)
Primary Language en (lookup)

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Stage   published
Date   2019-09-11
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