Contrasting magnetoelectric behavior in multiferroic hexaferrites as understood by crystal symmetry analyses release_u2qaa532qzh5deqeeqclhlbdpe

by Y. S. Chai, S. H. Chun, J. Z. Cong, Kee Hoon Kim

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Magnetoelectric (ME) properties under rotating magnetic field H are comparatively investigated in two representative hexaferrites Y-type Ba0.5Sr1.5Zn2(Fe0.92Al0.08)12O22 and Z-type Ba0.52Sr2.48Co2Fe24O41, both of which have exhibited a similar transverse conical spin structure and giant ME coupling near room temperature. When the external H is rotated clockwise by 2pi, in-plane P vector is rotated clockwise by 2pi in the Y-type hexaferrite and counterclockwise by 4pi in the Z-type hexaferrite. A symmetry-based analysis reveals that the faster and opposite rotation of P vector in the Z-type hexaferrite is associated with the existence of a mirror plane perpendicular to c-axis. Moreover, such a peculiar crystal symmetry also results in contrasting microscopic origins for the spin-driven ferroelectricity; only the inverse DM interaction is responsible for the Y-type hexaferrite while additional p-d hybridization becomes more important in the Z-type hexaferrite. This work demonstrates the importance of the crystal symmetry in the determination of ME properties in the hexaferrites and provides a fundamental framework for understanding and applying the giant ME coupling in various ferrites with hexagonal crystal structure.
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Stage   submitted
Date   2017-12-16
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arXiv  1712.05928v1
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