New Antibacterial Paper Made of Silver Phosphate Cellulose Fibers: A Preliminary Study on the Elimination of Staphylococcus aureus Involved in Diabetic Foot Ulceration release_tkcgn4xpffhv5hws4acn2f5gli

by Virginie Blanchette, Dan Belosinschi, Thanh Tung Lai, Lyne Cloutier, Simon Barnabé

Published in BioMed Research International by Hindawi Limited.

2020   Volume 2020, p1-9


<jats:italic>Aim</jats:italic>. To evaluate in vitro the antibacterial effect of a paper made of silver phosphate cellulose fibers (SPCF) on <jats:italic>Staphylococcus aureus</jats:italic>, the most common diabetic foot ulceration (DFU) pathogen when compared with other common commercial products. <jats:italic>Methods</jats:italic>. The antibacterial activity of SPCF samples was evaluated through time with cell counting on agar plates. SPCF samples were then compared with commercial wound care products currently in use in DFU treatments (Silvercel™, Acticoat 7, and Aquacel Ag Extra<jats:sup>TM</jats:sup>) through time on agar plates (growth inhibition zones). <jats:italic>Results</jats:italic>. After 6 hours, there was no viable bacterial cell detected on either plate (<mml:math xmlns:mml="" id="M1"><mml:mrow><mml:mi>p</mml:mi><mml:mo>&lt;</mml:mo><mml:mn>0.05</mml:mn></mml:mrow></mml:math>). There was a net growth inhibition zone for SPCF samples but no significant difference between the two silver concentrations. Compared with common commercial products, SPCF paper provides results equal to Acticoat 7 (<mml:math xmlns:mml="" id="M2"><mml:mrow><mml:mi>p</mml:mi><mml:mo>&lt;</mml:mo><mml:mn>0.05</mml:mn></mml:mrow></mml:math>) and superior to Aquacel AG Extra<jats:sup>TM</jats:sup> and Silvercel™ at lower silver concentrations (<mml:math xmlns:mml="" id="M3"><mml:mrow><mml:mi>p</mml:mi><mml:mo>&lt;</mml:mo><mml:mn>0.001</mml:mn></mml:mrow></mml:math>). <jats:italic>Conclusions</jats:italic>. These results have shown the efficiency of SPCF paper to eliminate <jats:italic>Staphylococcus aureus</jats:italic> in these conditions. SPCF papers are effective when compared with other common commercial products and could have an industrial potential in wound care. Infected DFU could benefit from the antibacterial effectiveness of SPCF, but more relevant experimentations related to foot ulcers are needed.
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