Survey of Fuel, Environment and Air Pollution in the Christchurch Urban Area 1966-73 release_sujchpkfwff2fg25lsw5kakbra

by References Bergin, M Kimberley, M Marden, London Hr Engelmans, M Daly, D Grant, P Hosking, A Kennedy, N Peet, J Marlow, K Brown R, Morgan

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abstracts [{'sha1': '52b1e9c62f226744eef1c7bcf2f50d93e0faf200', 'content': 'A database of commercial and semi-commercial suppliers in Northland was compiled from the Yellow Pages, local newspapers and noticeboards. All suppliers in Whangarei who were found through other sources were also advertising in the local paper and so local papers were used to identify suppliers in the rest of Northland. Copies of all papers in the Northland region were analysed over 4-6 weeks in April and May 1994, a period when fuelwood sales are good as consumers stock up for the winter. It is believed that all major suppliers in Whangarei were identified and contacted. The data maybe less complete for the other areas. Suppliers were asked for the quantity of fuel supplied over a twelve month period, the type of fuelwood supplied and the source of the fuel. Most suppliers were prepared to divulge this information though some were hesitant, a few chose not to and some were not contacted. Fuelwood types included ti-tree, totara, puriri, macrocarpa, eucalypt, pine and acacia. The hotter burning woods are preferred by the consumer but are also more expensive. Prices ranged from maximum of $35 and Table 2 Summary of fuelwood species and number of suppliers Ti-tree was the most frequently offered fuelwood in Northland, with 19 of the 45 [42%] suppliers for whom species were identified, offering it. Next most popular were pine, macrocarpa and eucalypt (29-31 %), and then totara (24%), and puriri (16%). Table 2 shows these by area of Northland and Figure 7 shows it for the region.', 'mimetype': 'text/plain', 'lang': None}]
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