Genetic factor for twisting legume pods identified by fine-mapping of shattering-related traits in azuki bean and yard-long bean release_saba2y6zvvbwrowyboauxzv42u

by Yu Takahashi, Alisa Kongjaimun, Chiaki Muto, Yuki Kobayashi, Masahiko Kumagai, Hiroaki Sakai, Kazuhito Satou, Kuniko Teruya, Akino Shiroma, Makiko Shimoji, Takashi Hirano, Takaehisa Isemura (+6 others)

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Legumes have evolved a unique manner of seed dispersal in that the seed pods explosively split open with helical tension generated by sclerenchyma on the endocarp. During domestication, azuki bean (Vigna angularis) and yard-long bean (Vigna unguiculata cv-gr. Sesquipedalis) have reduced or lost the sclerenchyma and lost the shattering behavior of seed pods. Here we performed fine-mapping with back-crossed populations and narrowed the candidate genomic region down to 4 kbp in azuki bean and 13 kbp in yard-long bean. Among genes located in these regions, we found MYB26 genes encoded truncated proteins in both the domesticated species. We also found in azuki bean and other legumes that MYB26 is duplicated and only the duplicated copy is expressed in seed pods. Interestingly, in Arabidopsis MYB26 is single copy and is specifically expressed in anther to initiate secondary wall thickening that is required for anther dehiscence. These facts indicated that, in legumes, MYB26 has been duplicated and acquired a new role in development of pod sclerenchyma. However, pod shattering is unfavorable phenotype for harvesting and thus has been selected against by human.
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Date   2019-09-28
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