The success of multi-sector participation in the management of revenue for beneficiary communities of South African renewable energy companies – sub-model A release_rlz3nipyijfcthm5zkempeuyke

by Ric Amansure, Chris Adendorff

Published in Journal of Energy in Southern Africa by Academy of Science of South Africa.

2017   Volume 28, p63


AbstractMulti-sector participation is one of three sub-models that resulted from the splitting of the original model that resulted from the data analysis as part of a thesis entitled 'A theoretical for successful management of revenue for beneficiary communities of renewable energy companies in South Africa.' The sub-model provides specific guidance for the multi-sector participation of enterprises, stakeholders, industry experts and community development practitioners in the renewable energy sector to create a pro-active, effective, and relevant decision-making process for achieving success in the management of revenue for beneficiary communities. To address the primary objective, a number of secondary objectives were formulated through the development of a conceptual model consisting of identified variables based on a comprehensive survey of the related literature. By constructing a path diagram between the independent variable and subsequent intervening and dependent variables, appropriate hypotheses were developed. Primary data sourced from an identified national and international population of community management practitioners were collected using an electronic measuring instrument. These data were analysed and tested empirically using structural equation modelling. The determinants that were identified through a review of the literature as elements of multi-sector participation that influences the success of revenue management for beneficiary communities for South African renewable energy companies included the use of outside advice, financial management, support services, and good governance. Keywords: renewable energy, green energy, beneficiary communities, community development, revenue management, socio-economic development, economic development, multi-sector participation
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