A new scheme for neutrino mass generation and relevant new physics release_rev_e781102d-80bf-4fa8-a5d3-05532eec1892

by Yanbin Deng, Changyu Huang, Yong-Chang Huang

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We propose a new scheme for neutrino mass generation through a modification of the standard Higgs mechanism implemented by introducing an unconventional tiny vacuum breaking to the charged Higgs field. In this modified Higgs mechanism, with identical particle spectrum as the standard electroweak model, the lepton-Higgs Yukawa coupling Lagrangian would carry a modified lepton mass matrix. Combining the latest data of particle experiments with this modified lepton mass matrix enable us to locate the value of the parameter parametrizing the extra perturbative Higgs vacuum breaking and produce masses for neutrinos of three generations. We show that our results satisfy the constraints from current physical experiments and cosmological observations. In the new Higgs mechanism now we propose, the Higgs vacua are completely broken, such that, the very minuteness of the extra Higgs vacuum breaking explains the origin of the very minuteness of neutrino masses, while the relative greatness of the standard Higgs vacuum breaking is recognized as the origin of the relative greatness of charged lepton masses. This proposal can bring rich new physics to Higgs-relevant problems in particle physics, besides injecting new inspiration to the solution of massive neutrino problems.
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Type  article
Stage   submitted
Date   2020-03-26
Version   v1
Language   en ?
arXiv  2003.12069v1
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