Photoionization of tungsten ions: experiment and theory for W^5+ release_rev_b15191d4-c862-4a19-9d2f-d694c4517b41

by A Müller, S Schippers, J Hellhund, A L D Kilcoyne, R A Phaneuf, B M McLaughlin

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Experimental and theoretical cross sections are reported for single-photon single ionization of W^5+ ions. Absolute measurements were conducted employing the photon-ion merged-beams technique. Detailed photon-energy scans were performed at (67±10) meV resolution in the 20 – 160 eV range. In contrast to photoionization of tungsten ions in lower charge states, the cross section is dominated by narrow, densely-spaced resonances. Theoretical results were obtained from a Dirac-Coulomb R-matrix approach employing a basis set of 457 levels providing cross sections for photoionization of W^5+ ions in the 4f^145s^2 5p^6 5d ^2 D_3/2 ground level as well as the 4f^145s^2 5p^6 5d ^2 D_5/2 and 4f^145s^2 5p^6 6s ^2 S_1/2 metastable excited levels. Considering the complexity of the electronic structure of tungsten ions in low charge states, the agreement between theory and experiment is satisfactory.
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Type  article
Stage   submitted
Date   2019-07-29
Version   v1
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arXiv  1907.12969v1
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