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by Sudha Gidamallanavar, D Jayasheela, Pg

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The Pocket Transitional Manager application is built on android platform. This app is for maintaining records of expense and balance information. The balance amount is that hard cash i.e. how much you amount you are having in your hand that amount is added into balance. The expense is that how much amount you are spending on different items. This app provide functionalities like adding expense details, adding balance amount, displays expense amount and expense list, displays balance amount and added balance amount, adding images of bills which related to the expense details, creating backup files of expenses and imported if they are deleted and so on. The each functionality requires the different activity where the required data to be inputted and the results are achieved. The user will add the expense details like category and amount how much it cost and the date is recorded in the expense list from the expense activity. The expense list is displayed and it can be displayed based on the date which user requires. The expenses are not only added or displayed but the information about the total expense amount and the remaining amount is displayed and this information is shared from one user to other. The user can add or view the images of bills from the image gallery. The balance amount is added and viewed by the user.
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