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by At›f Görüfller, Türk Dermatologlar›, Taraf›ndan Uluslararas›, Dermatoloji Dergilerinde, Yay›nlanan At›f, Alma Oranlar›, En At›f, Alan Makaleler, Deniz Seçkin, Baflkent Üniversitesi, T›p Fakültesi, Dermatoloji Dal› (+1 others)

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{'index': 1, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Türk Dermatologlar›', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 2, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Taraf›ndan Uluslararas›', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 3, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Dermatoloji Dergilerinde', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 4, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Yay›nlanan At›f', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 5, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Alma Oranlar›', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 6, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'En At›f', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 7, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Alan Makaleler', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 8, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Deniz Seçkin', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 9, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Baflkent Üniversitesi', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 10, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'T›p Fakültesi', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 11, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Dermatoloji Dal›', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
{'index': 12, 'creator_id': None, 'creator': None, 'raw_name': 'Türkiye Ankara', 'given_name': None, 'surname': None, 'role': 'author', 'raw_affiliation': None, 'extra': None}
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