Optimal Size of COVID-19 Testing Pools release_rev_4176a1c0-01ee-4516-9092-a9b31f7a14a7

by Jon Cohen

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<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title>This research note investigates the optimal size of pools for pooled, COVID-19 testing when positive pools will be followed up by individual tests of pool members. Formulae for the optimum are derived and provided. The analysis indicates that<jats:list list-type="bullet"><jats:list-item>optimal pool sizes are unlikely to exceed about 20 individuals in realistic situations,</jats:list-item><jats:list-item>optimal pool size is influenced by prevalence in the population and the extent to which infection is clustered within the population, and,</jats:list-item><jats:list-item>pools are most efficiently comprised of people with homogeneous risk, with heterogeneity across pools.</jats:list-item></jats:list>
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Date   2020-07-22
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