Corrosion Inhibition of Sabic Iron in Different Media Using Synthesized Sodium N-dodecyl Arginine Surfactant release_rb4alogoifdy3hb7h2dmseneeu

by A Fawzy, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Applied Science, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

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Enhancing the inhibition and adsorption performance of SABIC iron corrosion in sulfuric acid by expired vitamins. Experimental and computational approach
M. Abdallah, K. A. Soliman, Arej S. Al-Gorair, A. Al Bahir, Jabir H. Al-Fahemi, M. S. Motawea, Salih S. Al-Juaid
2021   RSC Advances
doi:10.1039/d1ra01010g  pmcid:PMC9033165  pmid:35479718 [PDF]

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Synthesis and Estimation of Some Surface-Active Compounds Derived from Fused Pyridine as Corrosion Inhibitors for Aluminum in Hydrochloric Acid Solutions
M. Abdallah, H. M. Altass, R. El-Sayed, Arej S. Al Gorair, B. A. AL Jahdaly, M. Sobhi
2021   Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces

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Evolution of the Efficiency of Divalent Cobalt and Copper Chelates Based on Isatin Derivatives and Thiosemicarbazide Ligands as Inhibitors for the Corrosion of Sabic Iron in Acidic Medium [post]
Hoda A. El-Ghamry, Ahmed Fawzy, Thoraya A. Farghaly, Tahani M. Bawazeer, Nada Alqarni, Fatmah M. Alkhatib, Mohamed Gaber
2021    unpublished
doi:10.21203/ [PDF]

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Enhancement of adsorption and anticorrosion performance of two polymeric compounds for the corrosion of SABIC carbon steel in hydrochloric acid
M. Abdallah, Arej S. Al-Gorair, A. Fawzy, H. Hawsawi, R. S. Abdel Hameed
2021   Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology

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Inhibition Evaluation of Chromotrope Dyes for the Corrosion of Mild Steel in an Acidic Environment: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Aspects
Ahmed Fawzy, Arafat Toghan
2021   ACS Omega
doi:10.1021/acsomega.0c06121  pmcid:PMC7876844  pmid:33585780 

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Performance of unprecedented synthesized biosurfactants as green inhibitors for the corrosion of mild steel-37-2 in neutral solutions: a mechanistic approach
Ahmed Fawzy, Metwally Abdallah, Majda Alfakeer, Hatem M. Altass, Ismail I. Althagafi, Yasser A. El-Ossaily
2021   Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews

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Anticorrosion and adsorption performance of expired antibacterial drugs on Sabic iron corrosion in HCl solution: Chemical, electrochemical and theoretical approach
M. Abdallah, A. Al Bahir, H.M. Altass, A. Fawzy, N. El Guesmi, Arej S. Al-Gorair, F. Benhiba, I. Warad (+ more)
2021   Journal of Molecular Liquids

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Expired azithromycin and roxithromycin drugs as environmentally friendly inhibitors for mild steel corrosion in H2SO4 solutions
Metwally Abdallah, Ahmed Fawzy, Majda Alfakeer, Hatem M. Altass
2021   Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews

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Assessment of new designed surfactants as eco-friendly inhibitors for the corrosion of steel in acidic environment and evaluation of their biological and surface features: thermodynamic, kinetic and mechanistic aspects
Ahmed Fawzy, Refat El-Sayed, Areej Al Bahir, Moataz Morad, Ismail Althagafi, Khalid Althagafy
2021   Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology

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Evolution of the efficiency of divalent cobalt and copper chelates based on isatin derivatives and thiosemicarbazide ligands as inhibitors for the corrosion of Sabic iron in acidic medium
Hoda A. El-Ghamry, Ahmed Fawzy, Thoraya A. Farghaly, Tahani M. Bawazeer, Nada Alqarni, Fatmah M. Alkhatib, Mohamed Gaber
2021   Arabian Journal of Chemistry

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Expired amoxicillin and cefuroxime drugs as efficient anticorrosives for Sabic iron in 1.0 M hydrochloric acid solution
M. Abdallah, A. Fawzy, A. Al Bahir
2020   Chemical Engineering Communications

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Polarographic Performance of Some Azo Derivatives Derived from 2-amino-4-hydroxy Pyridine and Its Inhibitory Effect on C-steel Corrosion in Hydrochloric acid
M. Abdallah, M. M. Alfakeer, N. F. Hasan, E. M. Mabrouk
2019   Oriental Journal of Chemistry
doi:10.13005/ojc/350111 [PDF]

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The polarographic and corrosion inhibition performance of some Schiff base compounds derived from 2-amino-3-hydroxypyridine in aqueous media
M. Abdallah, M. Alfakeer, H.M. Altass, Ahmed M. Alharbi, Isamil Althagafi, N.F. Hasan, E.M. Mabrouk
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