Using glacier seismicity for phase velocity measurements and Green's function retrieval release_r2mphnss7vglfl3ucq3fx6leme

by Fabian Walter, Philippe Roux, Claudia Roeoesli, Albanne Lecointre, Debi Kilb, Pierre-François Roux


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Quantitative Seismology

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Swarms of repeating stick-slip icequakes triggered by snow loading at Mount Rainier volcano
Kate Allstadt, Stephen D. Malone
2014   Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface

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Glacier, fjord, and seismic response to recent large calving events, Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland
J. M. Amundson, M. Truffer, M. P. Lüthi, M. Fahnestock, M. West, R. J. Motyka
2008   Geophysical Research Letters
doi:10.1029/2008gl035281 [PDF]

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Micro-earthquakes beneath Ice Streams Β and C, West Antarctica: observations and implications
S. Anandakrishnan, C. R. Bentley
1993   Journal of Glaciology
doi:10.1017/s0022143000016348 [PDF]

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Antarctic subglacial sedimentary layer thickness from receiver function analysis
S Anandakrishnan, J.P Winberry
2004   Global and Planetary Change
doi:10.1016/j.gloplacha.2003.10.005 [PDF]

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Direct observations of evolving subglacial drainage beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet
Lauren C. Andrews, Ginny A. Catania, Matthew J. Hoffman, Jason D. Gulley, Martin P. Lüthi, Claudia Ryser, Robert L. Hawley, Thomas A. Neumann
2014   Nature
doi:10.1038/nature13796  pmid:25279921 

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An overview of matched field methods in ocean acoustics
A.B. Baggeroer, W.A. Kuperman, P.N. Mikhalevsky
1993   IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering

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Calving seismicity from iceberg-sea surface interactions
T. C. Bartholomaus, C. F. Larsen, S. O'Neel, M. E. West
2012   Journal of Geophysical Research

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Seismicity and deformation associated with ice-shelf rift propagation
Jeremy N. Bassis, Helen A. Fricker, Richard Coleman, Yehuda Bock, James Behrens, Dennis Darnell, Marianne Okal, Jean-Bernard Minster
2007   Journal of Glaciology
doi:10.3189/002214307784409207 [PDF]

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Processing seismic ambient noise data to obtain reliable broad-band surface wave dispersion measurements
G. D. Bensen, M. H. Ritzwoller, M. P. Barmin, A. L. Levshin, F. Lin, M. P. Moschetti, N. M. Shapiro, Y. Yang
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ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for Seismology
M. Beyreuther, R. Barsch, L. Krischer, T. Megies, Y. Behr, J. Wassermann
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doi:10.1785/gssrl.81.3.530 [PDF]

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Towards forecasting volcanic eruptions using seismic noise
Florent Brenguier, Nikolai M. Shapiro, Michel Campillo, Valérie Ferrazzini, Zacharie Duputel, Olivier Coutant, Alexandre Nercessian
2008   Nature Geoscience
doi:10.1038/ngeo104 [PDF]

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Postseismic Relaxation Along the San Andreas Fault at Parkfield from Continuous Seismological Observations
F. Brenguier, M. Campillo, C. Hadziioannou, N. M. Shapiro, R. M. Nadeau, E. Larose
2008   Science
doi:10.1126/science.1160943  pmid:18787165 [PDF]

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Long-Range Correlations in the Diffuse Seismic Coda
M. Campillo
2003   Science
doi:10.1126/science.1078551  pmid:12543969 [PDF]

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Seismic imaging and monitoring with ambient noise correlations, in Treatise on Geophysics, 2nd edn., Vol. 1, pp. 256–271

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Seismic multiplet response triggered by melt at Blood Falls, Taylor Glacier, Antarctica
Joshua D. Carmichael, Erin C. Pettit, Matt Hoffman, Andrew Fountain, Bernard Hallet
2012   Journal of Geophysical Research

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The crustal thickness of West Antarctica
J. Chaput, R. C. Aster, A. Huerta, X. Sun, A. Lloyd, D. Wiens, A. Nyblade, S. Anandakrishnan (+ more)
2014   Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth
doi:10.1002/2013jb010642 [PDF]

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Seventeen Antarctic seismic events detected by global surface waves and a possible link to calving events from satellite images
X. Chen, P. M. Shearer, F. Walter, H. A. Fricker
2011   Journal of Geophysical Research
doi:10.1029/2011jb008262 [PDF]

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Multiscale matched-field processing for noise-source localization in exploration geophysics
Margherita Corciulo, Philippe Roux, Michel Campillo, Dominique Dubucq, W. A. Kuperman
2012   Geophysics

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Locating hydrothermal acoustic sources at Old Faithful Geyser using Matched Field Processing
E. Cros, P. Roux, J. Vandemeulebrouck, S. Kedar
2011   Geophysical Journal International
doi:10.1111/j.1365-246x.2011.05147.x [PDF]

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The Physics of Glaciers

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Investigating the dynamics of an Alpine glacier using probabilistic icequake locations: Triftgletscher, Switzerland
P. Dalban Canassy, F. Walter, S. Husen, H. Maurer, J. Faillettaz, D. Farinotti
2013   Journal of Geophysical Research - Earth Surface

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Repeating earthquakes from rupture of an asperity under an Antarctic outlet glacier
Stefania Danesi, Stephen Bannister, Andrea Morelli
2007   Earth and Planetary Science Letters

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Evidence for deep icequakes in an Alpine glacier
N. Deichmann, J. Ansorge, F. Scherbaum, A. Aschwanden, F. Bernard, G. H. Gudmundsson
2000   Annals of Glaciology
doi:10.3189/172756400781820462 [PDF]

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Strong Ground Motion Prediction Using Virtual Earthquakes
M. A. Denolle, E. M. Dunham, G. A. Prieto, G. C. Beroza
2014   Science
doi:10.1126/science.1245678  pmid:24458636 [PDF]

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Glacial Earthquakes
G. Ekstrom
2003   Science
doi:10.1126/science.1088057  pmid:14512505 [PDF]

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Seismic investigations on Gornergletscher [article]
Valentin Gischig
2007    unpublished

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Convergence of the two-point correlation function toward the Green's function in the context of a seismic-prospecting data set
Pierre Gouédard, Philippe Roux, Michel Campillo, Arie Verdel
2008   Geophysics

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Stability of monitoring weak changes in multiply scattering media with ambient noise correlation: Laboratory experiments
Céline Hadziioannou, Eric Larose, Olivier Coutant, Philippe Roux, Michel Campillo
2009   Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
doi:10.1121/1.3125345  pmid:19507951 [PDF]

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Deformation in Rutford Ice Stream, West Antarctica: measuring shear-wave anisotropy from icequakes
S.R. Harland, J.-M. Kendall, G.W. Stuart, G.E. Lloyd, A.F. Baird, A.M. Smith, H.D. Pritchard, A.M. Brisbourne
2013   Annals of Glaciology
doi:10.3189/2013aog64a033 [PDF]
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