On the sensitivity of the dijet asymmetry to the physics of jet quenching release_qqi2mvapqrasnl46oulv2yl34y

by Thorsten Renk

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The appearance of monojets is among the most striking signature of jet quenching in the context of ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions. Experimentally, the disappearance of jets has been quantified by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations in terms of the dijet asymmetry observable A_J. While the experimental findings initially gave rise to claims that the measured A_J would challenge the radiative energy loss paradigm, the results of a systematic investigation of A_J in different models for the medium evolution and for the shower-medium interaction presented here suggest that the observed properties of A_J arise fairly generically and independent of specific model assumptions for a large class of reasonable models. This would imply that rather than posing a challenge to any particular model, the observable prompts the question what model dynamics is not compatible with the data.
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Date   2012-03-14
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