Plasma studies in a low pressure high frequency discharge release_qmggb6ajvzfblktjtdpp452yei

by Albert J. Hatch


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H. Alfvén and H. J. Cohn-Peters, Eine neue Art von Hochfrequenz-Entladung im Vakuum und Deven Verwend- ung als Ionequelle, Arkiv f. Mat., Astra, och Fys., 31A, No. 18, 1-17 (1945).

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The Secondary Electron Resonance Mechanism of Low‐Pressure High‐Frequency Gas Breakdown
Albert J. Hatch, H. Bartel Williams
1954   Journal of Applied Physics

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Die Pendelvervielfachung von Sekundärelektronen
K. Krebs, H. Meerbach
1955   Annalen der Physik

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K. Krebs and H. Meerbach, Die Elektrondichte und Geschwindigkeitsverteilung bei der Pendelvervielfachung von Sekundârelektronen, Ann. Physik, 18, 146-162 (1956).

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A. J. Hatch and H. B. Williams, Pressure Limits of the High-Frequency Secondary Electron Resonance Breakdown Mechanism, Phys. Rev., 100, 1228 (1956).

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A. J. Hatch and H. B. Williams, Multipacting Modes of High-Frequency Breakdown, Bull. Am. Phys. Soc, Series 2, 3, 87 (1958).

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» R. W. Wood, Plasmoidal High-Frequency Oscillatory Dis- 13. С. F. Robinson, Observations on Some Properties of Ultra- charges in "Non-Conducting" Vacua, Phys. Rev., 35, High Frequency Gas Discharges, Rev. Sci. Instr., 21, 617- 673-693 (1930). 621 (1950).

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Three-Dimensional Potential Well
H. Bartel Williams
1957   Physical Review

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W. H Bostick, Expenmental Study of Ionized Matter m 1451 _ 1452 (1957) .

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Projected Across a Magnetic Field, Phys. Rev., 104, 292- v ;

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