Socio-economic, political, and institutional sustainability of agroforestry in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala release_qhercioxczawjbelsi474c7dyi

by Sara Nicli, Jasmin Mantilla-Contreras, Roberto Waldemar Moya Fernandez, Markus Schermer, David Unger, Saskia Wolf, Stefan Zerbe, Universität Kassel, Universität Kassel


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Climate change, ecosystems and smallholder agriculture in Central America: an introduction to the special issue
Pablo Imbach, Megan Beardsley, Claudia Bouroncle, Claudia Medellin, Peter Läderach, Hugo Hidalgo, Eric Alfaro, Jacob Van Etten (+ more)
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doi:10.1007/s10584-017-1920-5 [PDF]

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