The low level radio frequency control system for DC-SRF photo-injector at Peking University release_peikhjpohjgvnnn5xca3vzckau

by Fang Wang, Liwen Feng, Lin Lin, Jiankui Hao, Shengwen Quan, Baocheng Zhang, Kexin Liu


A low level radio frequency (LLRF) control system is designed and constructed at Peking University, which is for the DC-SRF photo injector operating at 2K. Besides with continuous wave (CW), the system is also reliable with pulsed RF and pulsed beam, the stability of amplitude and phase can achieve 0.13 0.1respectively. It is worth noting that the system works perfectly when the cavity is driven at both generator driven resonator (GDR) and self-excited loop (SEL), the latter is useful in measuring the performance of the cavity.
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