by Harold Boeck


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Issues in Research Methodology
Ramon J. Aldag, Timothy M. Steams
1988   Journal of Management
doi:10.1177/014920638801400207 [PDF]

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Boeck, H., Durif, F., Grégoire, M. & Roy, J. (2009, May). Should consumers be afraid of RFID technology? A confrontation between literature and experts. Paper presented at the 38th European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference, Nantes, France. International Journal of Cyber Society and Education 164

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Boeck, H., & Durif, F. (2013, September). Is it necessary to worry about ethical risk when using rfid with consumers? Paper presented at the International Conference on Internet Studies, Hong Kong.

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Integrating Findings: The Meta-Analysis of Research
Gene V. Glass
1977   Review of Research in Education

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9: Integrating Findings: The Meta-Analysis of Research
Gene V Glass
1977   Review of Research in Education

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Glass, G.V., McGaw, B., & Smith, M.L. (1981). Meta-analysis in social research. (Vol.

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Hunter, J.E., & Schmidt, F.L. (2004). Methods of meta-analysis: Correcting errors and biais in research findings. Sage Publications.

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Lewan, T. (2008, March). Businesses praise chips as privacy groups worry. USA Today, Retrieved from

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Applying ethics to information technology issues
Richard O. Mason
1995   Communications of the ACM

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Roberti, M. (2008, March). Two visions of an RFID-enabled future. RFID Journal, Retrieved from

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Stead, B.A., & Gilbert, J. (2001). Ethical issues in electronic commerce. Journal of Business Ethics, 34(2), 75-85.

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Swedberg, C. (2013, January 14). Ohio music festival sings RFID's praises. RFID Journal, Retrieved from