Prevalence of Concomitant Coronary Artery Disease and Its Impact on Acute Kidney Injury for Chinese Adult Patients Undergoing Valvular Heart Surgery release_oqvn3vxonzadbdqyk2ozrgdzca

by Zhiyong Xie, Zhiming Mo, Jimei Chen, Yanhua Wu, Shixin Chen, Zhilian Li, Zhiming Ye, Huaban Liang, Shuangxin Liu, Lei Fu, Yuanhan Chen, Xinling Liang


Significant coronary artery disease (CAD) in patients undergoing valvular heart surgery (VHS) is an indication for combined valvular heart surgery and coronary artery bypass grafting. However, the impact of nonsignificant CAD on postoperative outcomes is not well understood. This study illustrated the epidemiological characteristics of CAD in China and investigated the impact of CAD on postoperative acute kidney injury (AKI), intensive care unit (ICU) stay, and postoperative mortality. This study comprised an epidemiological survey followed by a case-control investigation. The epidemiological characteristics of CAD were studied in 4,172 consecutive patients who underwent coronary angiography before planned VHS at a core cardiovascular center. Then, 3,618 patients were selected for the subsequent case-control study to further analyze the associations between CAD and postoperative advanced AKI (grade 2 or 3 by KDIGO criteria), longer ICU stay (highest quartile), and increased mortality by logistic regression. Of the participants, 5.1 and 9.3% had moderate and significant CAD, respectively. The incidence of CAD increased after 60 years of age. Although CAD was not related to longer postoperative ICU stay in a multivariate logistic model, moderate CAD (OR 1.539 [95% CI 1.078-2.199]) and significant CAD (OR 1.798 [95% CI 1.094-2.955]) remained independent risk factors for postoperative advanced AKI after adjusting for multiple traditional risk factors. Significant CAD, but not nonsignificant CAD, was associated with postoperative mortality. Concomitant CAD is common in Chinese patients who undergo VHS. Moderate and significant CAD might have detrimental effects on postoperative advanced AKI.
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Published in Cardiology by S. Karger AG
ISSN-L 0008-6312
Volume 144
Issue 1-2
Page(s) 1-8
Release Date 2019-09-11
Publisher S. Karger AG
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Date   2019-09-11
DOI  10.1159/000502225
PubMed  31509848
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