Fundamental Solutions for a Class of Multidimensional Elliptic Equations with Several Singular Coefficients release_okpjejtzv5czhclrghxn42bs4y

by Tuhtasin G. Ergashev


The main result of the present paper is the construction of fundamental solutions for a class of multidimensional elliptic equations with several singular coefficients. These fundamental solutions are directly connected with multiple hypergeometric functions and the decomposition formula is required for their investigation which would express the multivariable hypergeometric function in terms of products of several simpler hypergeometric functions involving fewer variables. In this paper, such a formula is proved instead of a previously existing recurrence formula.The order of singularity and other properties of the fundamental solutions that are necessary for solving boundary value problems for degenerate second-order elliptic equations are determined
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Published in Journal of Siberian Federal University Mathematics & Physics by Siberian Federal University
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Release Year 2020
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