Effects of Aged Oil Sludge on Soil Physicochemical Properties and Fungal Diversity Revealed by High-Throughput Sequencing Analysis release_ob3ds6jm7ncalczavh5a7vryoi

by Huihui Wang, Shaoping Kuang, Qiaolin Lang, Wenjuan Yu

Published in Archaea by Hindawi Limited.

2018   Volume 2018, p1-8


The oilfield soil was contaminated for years by large quantities of aged oil sludge generated in the petroleum industry. In this study, physicochemical properties, contents of main pollutants, and fungal diversity of the aged oil sludge-contaminated soil were analyzed. Results revealed that aged oil sludge significantly changed physical and chemical properties of the receiving soil and increased the contents of main pollutants (petroleum hydrocarbons and heavy metals) in soil. Meanwhile, the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) sequencing by Illumina Miseq platform at each taxonomic level demonstrated that the toxicological effect of oil pollutants obviously influenced the fungal diversity and community structure in soil. Moreover, it was found that the presence of three genera (<jats:italic>Cephalotheca</jats:italic>, <jats:italic>Lecanicillium</jats:italic>, and <jats:italic>Septoriella</jats:italic>) appeared in aged oil sludge-contaminated soil. And oil pollutants promoted the growth of certain genera in <jats:italic>Ascomycota</jats:italic> (70.83%) and <jats:italic>Basidiomycota</jats:italic> (10.78%), such as <jats:italic>Venturia</jats:italic>, <jats:italic>Alternaria</jats:italic>, and <jats:italic>Piloderma</jats:italic>. Nevertheless, the growth of <jats:italic>Mortierella</jats:italic> (9.16%), <jats:italic>Emericella</jats:italic> (6.02%), and <jats:italic>Bjerkandera</jats:italic> (0.00%) was intensively limited. This study would aid thorough understanding of microbial diversity in oil-contaminated soil and thus provide new point of view to soil bioremediation.
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