Perbandingan Pengencer Andromed dan CEP-2 terhadap Kualitas Spermatozoa Sapi Hasil Seksing dengan Sentrifugasi Gradien Densitas Percoll (COMPARISON OF ANDROMED AND CEP-2 DILUTER ON THE QUALITY OF LIMOUSIN CATTLE SPERMATOZOA FOLLOWING SEXING WITH PERCOLL G release_o6vwchgpzvenhm6zzogxfnt5ju

by Juniandri ., Trinil Susilawati, Nurul Isnaini

Published in Jurnal Veteriner by Universitas Udayana.

2014   Volume 15


The use of appropriate diluent is intended to ensure the physical and chemical requirements ofspermatozoa so that the quality, particularly capacitation can be maintained. This study aimed todetermine the quality of Limousin cattle sperm after sexing with density percoll centrifugation methodusing Andromed diluent and Cauda epididymal Plasma 2 (CEP-2) plus 10% egg yolk. Observations ofspermatozoa quality including : motility, viability, percentage of abnormal, concentrations, membraneintegrity and state of capacitation. The semen used were obtained from Limousin cattle at the Center forArtificial Insemination(BBIB) Singosari Malang, with motility criteria e" 70%. Data were analysed usinga paired T-test in order to determine differences in the use of thinning treatments at each layer. Theresults showed that both diluent, andromed and CEP-2 diluent plus 10% egg yolk were able to maintainthe quality of spermatozoa either in the upper and lower layers
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