A Study on the Demand of Storage Furniture for Residents in a One-room Studio - Focused on One-person Household's Lifestyle -
원룸 도시형 생활주택 거주자의 수납가구 사용 요구에 관한 연구 - 1인 가구의 라이프스타일 유형을 중심으로 - release_o4opwpnalzfl5fgt3rp4mooy4m

by Eun-Choung Choi, Soobeen Park

Published in Journal of the Korean housing association by The Korean Housing Association
ISSN-L 2234-2257
Volume 28
Page(s) 27-36
Release Date 2017-02-25
Container Type journal
Publisher The Korean Housing Association
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Date   2017-02-25
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