Mechanical Properties of Cu-4.0wt%Ni-0.95wt%Si Alloys with and without P and Cr Addition release_nzutcnm2infeblfnzwalam2zmu

by Chihiro Watanabe, Fumiya Nishijima, Ryoichi Monzen, Kazue Tazaki


The effects of P and Cr addition and two-step aging on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a Cu-4wt%Ni-0.95wt%Si alloy have been examined. The addition of 0.02wt%P improves both strength and elongation because it suppresses discontinuous precipitation reaction. The Cr addition to the Cu-Ni-Si-P alloy decreases greatly the grain size, resulting in an increase in elongation. Two-step aging, pre-aging at 300 or 350oC and subsequent second-step aging at 450oC, causes an increase in strength without reducing elongation. The increase in strength is attributable to the decrease in inter-precipitate spacing by the two-step aging. The two-step aged Cu-4wt%Ni- 0.95wt%Si-0.02wt%P-0.02wt%Cr alloy attains a tensile strength of 830MPa, an elongation of 13% and an electrical conductivity of 35%IACS.
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Published in Materials Science Forum by Trans Tech Publications
ISSN-L 0255-5476
Volume 561-565
Page(s) 2321-2324
Release Year 2007
Publisher Trans Tech Publications

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