Consistency equations in Randall-Sundrum cosmology: a test for braneworld inflation release_nxtpknxvsvgm3ctk6jrcq3krc4

by Gianluca Calcagni


In the context of an inflationary Randall-Sundrum Type II braneworld (RS2) we calculate spectral indices and amplitudes of cosmological scalar and tensor perturbations, up to second order in slow-roll parameters. Under very simple assumptions, extrapolating next-order formulae from first-order calculations in the case of a de Sitter brane, we see that the degeneracy between standard and braneworld lowest-order consistency equations is broken, thus giving different signatures of early-universe inflationary expansion. Using the latest results from WMAP for estimates of cosmological observables, it is shown that future data and missions can in principle discriminate between standard and braneworld scenarios.
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Number UPRF-2003-26
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Release Date 2004-04-05
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Type  report
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Date   2004-04-05
Version   v3
Number  UPRF-2003-26
arXiv  hep-ph/0310304v3
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