Dynamical System Analysis of Cosmologies with Running Cosmological Constant from Quantum Einstein Gravity release_m2whhfmw7jfm3odhta75jc3ug4

by Alfio Bonanno, Sante Carloni

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We discuss a mechanism that induces a time-dependent vacuum energy on cosmological scales. It is based on the instability induced renormalization triggered by the low energy quantum fluctuations in a Universe with a positive cosmological constant. We employ the dynamical systems approach to study the qualitative behavior of Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmologies where the cosmological constant is dynamically evolving according with this nonperturbative scaling at low energies. It will be shown that it is possible to realize a "two regimes" dark energy phases, where an unstable early phase of power-law evolution of the scale factor is followed by an accelerated expansion era at late times.
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Type  article
Stage   submitted
Date   2011-12-20
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arXiv  1112.4613v1
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