A Lower Limit to the Magnetic Field in the Crab Nebula from Cosmic γ-Ray Experiments at 1011 eV release_lv7r4clvjfeobgwk7fstdokmrq

by G. G. Fazio, H. F. Helmken, G. H. Rieke, T. C. Weekes


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High energy photons from the Crab nebula due to the universal microwave field
M. V. K. Apparao
1967   Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Section A

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A Search for Discrete Sources of Cosmic Gamma Rays of Energies Near 2 X 10^{12} eV
G. G. Fazio, H. F. Helmken, G. H. Rieke, T. C. Weekes
1968   Astrophysical Journal

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A fast optical Cerenkov system for directional studies of possible gamma-ray sources
D. J. Fegan, B. McBreen, E. P. O'Mongain, N. A. Porter, P. J. Slevin
1968   Canadian journal of physics (Print)

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High-Energy Photons from the Compton-Synchrotron Process in the Crab Nebula
Robert J. Gould
1965   Physical Review Letters

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Production of Cosmic Gamma Rays by Compton Scattering in Discrete Sources
G. H. Rieke, T. C. Weekes
1969   Astrophysical Journal

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Search for point sources of neutral cosmic rays above 1012 eV
Hugh S. Tornabene, Frank J. Cusimano
1968   Canadian journal of physics (Print)