EFFECT OF DAPSONE ON WOUND HEALING release_liv6wlqd6zhxzacuyqb2dhtomy

by K Chandrashekar, A Hogade, S Hiremath, K Chandrashekar


Drugs like dapsone which have been used in treatment of leprosy reported to promote the wound healing may have the same effect on cutaneous wounds. Due to paucity of information in this regard, the present study was planned to investigate the effect of these drug on resutured incision, excision and dead space wounds in Wistar rats. Resutured incision, excision and dead space wounds were inflicted under light ether anaesthesia aseptically. Control animals received vehicle and other groups recived dapsone orally for a period of 10 days in the incision and dead space wounds, whereas in excision wounds till complete closure. On the 11th day after estimating breaking strength of the resutured incision wounds, animals were sacrificed and granulation tissue removed fromdead space wounds to estimate the breaking strength and hydroxyproline content. Quantification of granulation tissue and histological studies were also carried out. Wound closure rate, epithelization time and scar features were studied in the excision wound models from the day of dapsone till complete closure of the wound. Dapsone significantly promoted the healing process in all the three wound models studied. Histopathological studies revealed increased collagen content and granulation tissue in Dapsone treated group compared to control.
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