Experimental Research on Mechanical and Energy Characteristics of Reinforced Rock under Dynamic Loading release_kxhvarknw5fijkcfvlmfg4klzi

by Xinxi Liu, Yu Li, Fujun Zhao, Yanming Zhou, Weiwei Wang, Shengnan Li

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Analysis the characteristic of energy and damage of coal-rock composite structure under cycle loading [post]
Tan Li, Guangbo Chen, Zhongcheng Qin, Qinghai Li
2021    unpublished
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Energy Evolution Law of Ore-Bearing Rock during Unloading under High Static Stress and Frequent Disturbance
Chun Wang, Mei-zhi Xie, Zu-qiang Xiong, Cheng Wang, Lu-ping Cheng
2020   Complexity
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Experimental Investigation on the Energy Storage Characteristics of Red Sandstone in Triaxial Compression Tests with Constant Confining Pressure
Liuliu Li, Fengqiang Gong, Guangchao Zhang
2020   Shock and Vibration
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Rockburst Occurrence Mechanism Based on the Self-Sustaining Time-Varying Structure of Surrounding Rock
Baojie Fan, Fujun Zhao, Bin Wang, Qiuhong Wu, Zongtang Zhang, Qing Ma
2020   Shock and Vibration
web.archive.org [PDF]