Effecting change by using innovative techniques in low risk projects release_ksj77zptcjbjrhrh6xr6otryui

by David Sahlstrom


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B.C. Water Management Branch. 2000. Riprap Design and Construction Guide. Province of British Columbia, Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, 87pp.

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Brooks, B.W., T.H. Peters and J.E. Winch. 1989. Manual of Methods Used in Revegetation of Reactive Sulphide Tailings Basins. MEND Report 2.24.1.

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Assessment of the Huckleberry Mine site for potential passive or semi-passive acid rock drainage treatment options
Monique Haakensen, Vanessa Friesen, Rachel Martz, Marke Wong, Jenny Liang, Elaine Qualtiere
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Mendes, Monica O. and Raina M. Maier. 2008. Phytostabilization of mine tailings in arid and semiarid environments. In Environmental Health Perspectives, 116(3), (278-283).