Konceptualizacija kulturnog identiteta pripadnika treće generacije srpskih radnih migranata u SR Nemačkoj release_kqgfbr6qi5bplccnmilgtjj65e

by Lazar Jovanović


Based on data gathered through several months of fieldwork undertaken in 2015 in several cities in different constituencies of FR Germany, the paper aims to give a theoretical standpoint on the third generation of work migrants and their cultural identity, and to problematize the process of its creation. With this objective in mind the gathered data will be processed in light of ideas about the hybridity of identity, globalization flows, and ideas such as surrogate nostalgia and community of emotion, with a short overview of the historical and social processes and the main actors of these processes, the forbearers of the group which was studied, the members of the first and second generations of Serbian labor migrants.
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Published in Etnoantropološki Problemi by Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
ISSN-L 0353-1589
Volume 12
Page(s) 149
Release Date 2017-03-31
Publisher Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade

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