Neutropenia and First Cycle of Chemoradiotherapy: A Retrospective Analysis of 100 Cancer Patients release_klniveizjfcmvdxbzpcs4kgmvy

by Manjit Kaur Rana, M Mahajan, Deepak Arora, Parvinder Sandhu, Rakesh Sethi, Assistant Professor

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abstracts[] {'sha1': '5dd95c4b30d220081423c5db73a47843481f8d91', 'content': 'Introduction: Chemoradiotherapy-induced neutropenia can occur after the first cycle of treatment. It becomes a major dose-limiting factor and affects the further management of the patient. Material and Medthod: A retrospective analysis of 100 patients who received chemoradiotherapy was done to know about percentage of reduction of low absolute neutrophilic counts after first cycle of treatment and their relation with absolute neutrophilic values before the treatment started. Results: Post chemoradiotherapy reduction in absolute neutrophilic counts was seen in 25% and neutropenia in 4% of the cases irrespective of pre-treatment values. Majority of the neutropenic cases were of carcinoma breast. Conclusion: It was observed that 4% of the total cases had neutropenia irrespective of pre-treatment absolute neutrophilic ounts.', 'mimetype': 'text/plain', 'lang': None}
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title Neutropenia and First Cycle of Chemoradiotherapy: A Retrospective Analysis of 100 Cancer Patients
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