Management of Saline-Sodic Water in Cotton-Wheat Cropping System release_jmod24b5kzbgnh2b7mqdggpn2m

by G Buttar, H Thind, K Sekhon, A Kaur, R Gill, B Sidhu, M Aujla

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abstracts[] {'sha1': '5f7987bc765fdd88bc65147478467bcaa35e1922', 'content': 'A long-term field experiment was conducted for 7 years to evaluate the effect of different amendments to mitigate the adverse effect of saline-sodic water in a calcareous soil under cotton-wheat cropping system. The pooled results over 7 years revealed that the application of saline-sodic water decreased the mean cotton-seed yield by 20.7% as compared to good quality canal water. However, wheat-grain yield was not adversely affected by quality of irrigation water. Among the different amendments, gypsum and farmyard manure were more effective in mitigating the adverse effect of saline-sodic irrigation water. Cotton-seed yield reduction was 9.8% with the addition of farmyard manure and remained only 8.8% with the addition of gypsum as compared to good quality water. However, when saline-sodic water was used alternately with good quality canal water, the recorded cotton-seed yield reduction was only 6.1%. These results suggest that in calcareous soils, farmyard manure is useful in ameliorating long-term deleterious effects of saline sodic irrigation water and sustaining the productivity of cotton-wheat system.', 'mimetype': 'text/plain', 'lang': None}
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release_type article-journal
release_year 2017
title Management of Saline-Sodic Water in Cotton-Wheat Cropping System
volume 19
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