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abstracts[] {'sha1': '034e8a5effb91ec8c4b74879f7b627d5f9dbdd74', 'content': 'LONGOBARDI 0. Introduction: variation in syntax and interpretation Principles-and-parameters theory is likely to be the main achievement of the linguistic sciences after and along with the historical-comparative method. It proposes a model of grammatical variation according to which differences in the morphosyn-tactic components of human languages are discrete, finite and more limited in number than they appear on the surface (i.e. several superficial differences turn out to cluster together at the appropriate level of analysis). An important current question is whether a comparable state of affairs holds for semantic properties of natural languages, namely 1) whether differences really exist in the interpretive components, 2) whether they display the same parametric properties pointed out above, and 3) to which extent they can be connected to independently manifested syntactic differences. In simpler words, one may ask whether comparative semantics is possible, which form it may take, and how independent it can be of (comparative) syntax. Crucial evidence should in principle be provided by possible cases of crosslinguis-tic syntactic homonymy, i.e. phrasal expressions with roughly the same surface structure across different languages, but mapping to clearly distinct logical representations. In this article I will push forward a line of inquiry initially suggested in Longo-bardi (1994), arguing that Romance and English bare nouns differ in meaning, though not in shape, in a formal and grammatically predictable way, and improving descriptively on my own as well as on other recent accounts. The main proposal will be that Romance bare nouns are nothing but indefinites (quantificational variables, existentially or generically bound) in Heim"s sense, while English bare nouns are ambiguous between this quantificational interpretation of indefinites and a referen-tial (i.e. kind-referring) one.', 'mimetype': 'text/plain', 'lang': None}
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refs[] {'index': 0, 'target_release_id': None, 'extra': {'volume': '63'}, 'key': 'b0', 'year': None, 'container_name': None, 'title': 'Under the present account to the semantic parametrization of BNs, the typological generalization becomes perfectly understandable: PNs are referential expressions, actually object-referential; BNs differ in Italian and English precisely with respect to their capacity to function referentially, kind-referentially of course. I.e. referential generic BNs and PNs have something a priori in common, they are referential expressions. Longobardi"s (1994, 1996) generalization can now be more perspicuously rephrased as follows: BNs can be referential iff they have the same formal syntax as PNs, the prototypical referential expressions. The condition is positively satisfied in English, though not in Italian. In other words, languages always use a unified strategy to assign object-and kind-reference to nominal structures, but this strategy is crosslinguistically parametrized: in English referential status can be assigned to nominals with no overtly realized D, in Romance it necessarily depends on a D position overtly occupied either by the noun itself (raising proper names, with object-reference) or by its placeholder, an expletive article in Vergnaud and Zubizarreta"s (1992), Longobardi"s (1994) sense (referential generic common nouns', 'locator': None}
{'index': 1, 'target_release_id': None, 'extra': None, 'key': 'b1', 'year': None, 'container_name': None, 'title': 'Romance kind-referring nominals can only use one: they can just be expressed through the definite expletive article, not via N-raising to D: Longobardi (1994, 1996) explained this fact by attributing it to the marked (Last Resort) status of overt syntactic movement', 'locator': None}
{'index': 2, 'target_release_id': None, 'extra': {'authors': ['In Therefore', 'English']}, 'key': 'b2', 'year': None, 'container_name': None, 'title': 'The crosslinguistic variation in the interpretation of BNs discussed in this paper is reduced to the abstract parametric difference discussed by Longobardi (1994, 1996) with its far-reaching ramifications: in certain languages the referential feature of the determiner position, D, is "strong", that is visible systematic association of referential items with D (either by overt movement of the noun itself or by means of an expletive placeholder) is necessary, rather in the sense in which question operators must be visibly associated by whmovement to the clause-initial position in many languages', 'locator': None}
{'index': 3, 'target_release_id': None, 'extra': {'volume': '18'}, 'key': 'b3', 'year': None, 'container_name': None, 'title': 'Longobardi 1996 for some speculations on this point related to Lazzeroni"s 1995 observation that similar semantic properties in some languages may even affect the prosodic phonology of head nouns): in Romance a D empty at PF is always translated into a variable, in Germanic it need not. 17 N-to-D movement or an expletive article are two formal devices to prevent a D from being phonologically empty', 'locator': None}
{'index': 4, 'target_release_id': None, 'extra': None, 'key': 'b4', 'year': 1997, 'container_name': None, 'title': 'The head noun in such structures with empty Ds would naturally end up in the restrictor of the variable. The possibility of expressing the generalization this way was originally pointed out to me by Brenda Laca', 'locator': None}
{'index': 5, 'target_release_id': None, 'extra': None, 'key': 'b5', 'year': 1996, 'container_name': None, 'title': 'Natural independent principles ensure that N-to-D be available only to PNs, while the expletive strategy is available to both (certain) proper names and common nouns (i.e. referential generics) (cf', 'locator': None}
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