Single point mutations in ATP synthase compensate for mitochondrial genome loss in trypanosomes release_j3cv2muq6vce3cmw4bcitdwofm

by Samuel Dean, Matthew K. Gould, Caroline E. Dewar, Achim C. Schnaufer

Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
ISSN-L 0027-8424
Volume 110
Issue 36
Page(s) 14741-14746
Release Date 2013-08-19
Container Type proceedings
Publisher Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Primary Language en (lookup)

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Type  article-journal
Stage   published
Date   2013-08-19
DOI  10.1073/pnas.1305404110
PubMed  23959897
PMC  PMC3767566
Wikidata  Q37157460
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