Image Tube Radial Velocities of Southern Stars release_irvgy3ba65aibf57ynk3ds4ra4

by Phillip K. Lu

Published in International Astronomical Union Colloquium by Cambridge University Press (CUP).

1984   Volume 88, p207-212


<jats:title>Abstract</jats:title>Radial velocities have been determined for 243 southern barium and high proper motion stars based on 346 image-tube (IT) spectra. These spectra were obtained using the Yale 1-m telescope at CTIO with a dispersion of 43A/mm near H-gamma. All spectra were widened to 0.3 mm for MK spectral classification. Analysis of the measurements yields the following results:<jats:list><jats:list-item><jats:label>1.</jats:label>Of the 91 spectra scanned and reduced using the Yale PDS and cross-correlation (CC) procedures, the internal standard errors for stars of similar spectral type to the template or standard star are ±12 km/sec.</jats:list-item><jats:list-item><jats:label>2.</jats:label>Spectra of 130 southern high proper motion stars measured with a PSK-2 and a Grant comparator, the linear least squares solution yielded a mean internal error of ±7.5 km/sec.</jats:list-item><jats:list-item><jats:label>3.</jats:label>For the 125 IT spectra of southern barium stars scanned using a PDS at KPKO, radial velocities obtained using the linear portion of the s-curve and a Gaussian line fit procedure, the accuracy is about ±5.5 km/sec.</jats:list-item><jats:list-item><jats:label>4.</jats:label>Using standard stars and some published radial velocities, the comparison has shown that no systematic error exists between this study and those published data.</jats:list-item></jats:list>
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