Time‐dependent Numerical Model for the Emission of Radiation from Relativistic Plasma release_iape4koz4bfdtchyv7z7r6hcjy

by Asaf Pe'er, Eli Waxman


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BATSE observations of gamma-ray burst spectra. I - Spectral diversity
D. Band, J. Matteson, L. Ford, B. Schaefer, D. Palmer, B. Teegarden, T. Cline, M. Briggs (+ more)
1993   Astrophysical Journal

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A Study of Prompt Emission Mechanisms in Gamma‐Ray Bursts
Matthew G. Baring, Matthew L. Braby
2004   Astrophysical Journal
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Bekefi, G. 1966, Radiation Processes in Plasmas (New York: Wiley)

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Bremsstrahlung, Synchrotron Radiation, and Compton Scattering of High-Energy Electrons Traversing Dilute Gases
1970   Reviews of Modern Physics

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On Possible Observable Effects of Electron Pair Production in QSOs
S. Bonometto, M. J. Rees
1971   Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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Botcher M.
1997   A&A

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Theory of electron-positron showers in double radio sources
M. L. Burns, R. V. E. Lovelace
1982   Astrophysical Journal

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Time-dependent models of magnetized pair plasmas
Paolo S. Coppi
1992   Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Coppi P. S.
1990   MNRAS

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Pair-induced spectral changes and variability in compact X-ray sources
A. C. Fabian, R. D. Blandford, P. W. Guilbert, E. S. Phinney, L. Cuellar
1986   Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Prompt and Delayed Emission Properties of Gamma‐Ray Bursts Observed withBeppoSAX
F. Frontera, L. Amati, E. Costa, J. M. Muller, E. Pian, L. Piro, P. Soffitta, M. Tavani (+ more)
2000   Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Extremely hard GRB spectra prune down the forest of emission models
G. Ghirlanda, A. Celotti, G. Ghisellini
2003   Astronomy and Astrophysics
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The synchrotron boiler
Gabriele Ghisellini, Paul W. Guilbert, Roland Svensson
1988   Astrophysical Journal

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Cosmic Magnetobremsstrahlung (Synchrotron Radiation)
V. L. Ginzburg, S. I. Syrovatskii
1965   Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics

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Developments in the Theory of Synchrotron Radiation and its Reabsorption
V. L. Ginzburg, S. I. Syrovatsk
1969   Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics

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A γ-ray burst with a high-energy spectral component inconsistent with the synchrotron shock model
M. M. González, B. L. Dingus, Y. Kaneko, R. D. Preece, C. D. Dermer, M. S. Briggs
2003   Nature
doi:10.1038/nature01869  pmid:12917676 

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Energy loss of relativistic electrons and positrons traversing cosmic matter
R. J. Gould
1975   Astrophysical Journal

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Pair Production in Photon-Photon Collisions
Robert J. Gould, Gérard P. Schréder
1967   Physical Review

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Gamma‐Ray Burst Afterglow: Polarization and Analytic Light Curves
Andrei Gruzinov, Eli Waxman
1999   Astrophysical Journal
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Spectral and variability constraints on compact sources
P. W. Guilbert, A. C. Fabian, M. J. Rees
1983   Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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Haug E.
1988   A&A

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Calculated Spectrum of Inverse-Compton-Scattered Photons
Frank C. Jones
1968   Physical Review

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Lang, K. R. 1999, Astrophysical Formulae (Berlin: Springer)

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Pair production and Compton scattering in compact sources and comparison to observations of active galactic nuclei
Alan P. Lightman, Andrzej A. Zdziarski
1987   Astrophysical Journal

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Harmony in Electrons: Cyclotron and Synchrotron Emission by Thermal Electrons in a Magnetic Field
Rohan Mahadevan, Ramesh Narayan, Insu Yi
1996   Astrophysical Journal
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Synchrotron Radiation Losses in Self-Absorbed Radio Sources
Richard McCray
1969   Astrophysical Journal

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Theories of Gamma-Ray Bursts
P. Mészáros
2002   Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Optical and Long‐Wavelength Afterglow from Gamma‐Ray Bursts
P. Meszaros, M. J. Rees
1997   Astrophysical Journal
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Radio Transients from Gamma-Ray Bursters
Bohdan Paczynski, James E. Rhoads
1993   Astrophysical Journal
web.archive.org [PDF]

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Radiative Regimes in Gamma‐Ray Bursts and Afterglows
A. Panaitescu, P. Meszaros
1998   Astrophysical Journal
web.archive.org [PDF]
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