Design and implementation of fingerprint based bank locker system using ARM7 and GSM release_htuskkzz3jh3bbqwi4btijvucq

by Pooja Ausekar, Shraddha Kshirsagar, Puja Lawate, A Sujit, Inamdar


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Finger Print Based Door Locking System
Aditya Shankar

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Brindha Fingerprint and GSM based Security System
M Gayathri , P Selvakumari

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Sfm3520-Op Available

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A Digital Security System with Door Lock System Using RFID Technology
Gyanendra K Verma, Pawan Tripathi
2010   International Journal of Computer Applications
doi:10.5120/957-1334 [PDF]

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Development of Microcontroller-Based Biometric Locker System with Short Message Service
D Crystalynne , Cortez