Ergonomic Evaluation of Working Position Using the Reba Method – Case Study release_glkg66wz4rhong3r7m2dr5u544

by Michał Pałęga, Dariusz Rydz, Dorota Wojtyto, Alexander Arbuz

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Designing an Ergonomic-Based Work Facility of Dough Stirrer for Kerupuk Cipir Using Rapid Entire Body Assesment (REBA) Analysis to Reduce Muskuloskeletal Complaints and Increase Productivity
Tri Budiyanto, Univesitas Ahmad Dahlan, Fakhri Agus Setiyoso, Univesitas Ahmad Dahlan
2021   Logic
doi:10.31940/logic.v21i2.2454 [PDF]

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The Use of Ergonomic Analysis Methods as Supprt in the Assessment of Occupational Risk in the Position of a Seller in a Small Grocery Store (Poland)
Agata Kielesińska
2021   System Safety: Human - Technical Facility - Environment
doi:10.2478/czoto-2021-0022 [PDF]